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In this board you'll find everything to do with character development and our community. Whether it's out of character information or ways to develop your stories further, it can all be found in here: news and updates, plot discussion, member information, chatter, debates, games and archives, they can all be found in here! If you're a member of our community and ready to dive in, come check us out!

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In here you'll find characters that are in play, separated by kingdom, as well as our wanted ads! Canon characters can be found in the encyclopedia pages.

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Character Compendium Lands Afar Wanteds
Reply By The Staff Team
Dec 5, 2020 16:57:25 GMT

If you're looking for any particular announcements or new information about Aeipathy, this is the board to find it in. You can also find a sub-location that will give you all of our Weekly Broadcasts in release order so you can check back over our progress as a site!

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News and Updates 10th Jan 2021
Reply By The Staff Team
Jan 10, 2021 13:23:48 GMT
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You'll find everything you need for progressing you character here in the Character Development board. From development pages where you can post absolutely anything in regards to your character (additional information, trackers, ideas, plots, dreamscapes) to a specific board for the written word like Journals and Notes (please note that any letters/notes that are actually sent to other characters need to be posted in the Letters and Missives section, to our Alternate Reality board - you can post whatever you like here to further advance yours and everyone else's understanding of your character.

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Character Development Hello Neighbour
Reply By Evangelina of Dimitrou
Jan 9, 2021 18:22:12 GMT
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Have something you want to show off? Graphics, writing, anything else? Come post it here in the Member Showcase so that everyone can ooh and aah!

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Member Portfolios First Chapter of My Book "The Marks We Bear"
Reply By Deleted
Jul 6, 2019 8:04:43 GMT

Looking for something to pass the time while you're waiting on posts? Wanting to bond with other members of the forum by playing silly IC and OOC games? Post threads here for different and new games and enjoy the fun! Your posts here will count towards your OOC Post count on your mini-profiles to the left of your posts!

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Fun and Games Aeipathy Game Night- Among Us!
Reply By Kyros of Attia
Dec 19, 2020 17:10:51 GMT

Want to reminisce or read up on old information? You can find anything that has been removed from canon story telling or old site updates and announcements or OOC information here. Please note that we do not archive any IC threads and you'll find all the history of our characters up on the boards.

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Site Archives Mud Wrestling
Reply By Silanos of Eubocris
Dec 21, 2020 10:48:13 GMT
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