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The lands of the Sahara desert are home to the bedouin gesin (tribes) of Bedoa'mt. Each gesin has its own rules, customs and expectations of its people but one, universal law, ties them all collectively: that life is to be led in a nomadic style, never resting for too long in one place and always in contrition for the crime generations past of turning the lush earth of northern Africa barren.

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A glittering coastline or rocky and sandy beaches, the rock pools and streams in the area provide shellfish and pretty coral. The stones of the area are polished to a soft shape and shine and are often used in the decoration of Bedoan weapons and jewellery.

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Northern Coast

In a natural crescent of the coastline, where ships would dock away from the winds of bad weather, using the land formation as a safe harbour, a large town has naturally grown. Made of little more than mudhuts, tents and a few wooden shacks (mostly built form the debris of broken boats) the "city" as the patrons like to call it is a hub of black market trade without tax or legal stipulation.

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Port of the West

The southern sands are vast and seem to be ever expanding. Open dunes and weaving thoroughfares of dust passages and sandy fields. The area if prone to sandstorms and earth beneath your feet that swallows you deep. As such, few of the Bedoan peoples ever travel this far south unless it is to see the few oases that exist here far to the south...

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Southern Lands

These sands are not as deep nor as rolling as those in the centre of the desert. Instead, they are easily navigable and often coated in tall, dry grass that can cut like a knife if blow by the wind at the right angle. These eastern lands border the edges of the western provinces of Egypt and are where Bedoans will go to trade with the people of the East.

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Eastern Dunes

The Sahara desert is expansive and frightening in its might and ability to take the lives of those who travel it. With sand dunes to the east (near Egypt), dry savannahs to the south and rocky terrain in the nroth western point, the Sahara is an expanse of "meadows of gold" everywhere in between.

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Desert Sands
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