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Points System
There are many bonuses, features and additions to the Aeipathy world and community that keep things interesting for our members. One is our Profile Badges, another our Character Awards. We also hold regular challenges, events and much more! But, what do you gain from these achievements? Well, you gain points! And what do points give you? Prizes! On this page, you can read up on how to gain points on the site boards or on our Discord server! You can then spend those points collecting badges or other bonus perks.
Please NoteMember Points are handled per-member not per-character. All character accounts under the same member should read the same number of points. Gaining Points Gaining points can be done in by variety of means and we are constantly adding new ways to collect points. Here's our current list of how to earn points:
Join Aeipathy / First Character10 Points
Everyone starts out with ten points to their name on which they can build and grow!
Extra Characters10 Points
You gain another ten with each character you create.
Staffer Salaries9 Points per Month
Our staff team work very hard on an entirely voluntary basis. In thanks to them, we offer a small but very grateful incentive each month that gives them a little boost closer to the badges and prizes they might seek in return for their efforts keeping our community and site ticking over.
Achieve a Profile Badge1 Point per Badge
The Member Awards listed on our awards page each come with a point value! This is accumulative. Each time you complete a member challenge, guess the secret word, etc. all of these member achievements will gain you points. These awards can be achievement multiple times - a point every time!
Achieve a Character Award3 Points per Award
Character awards are a little trickier to come by so you get more bang for your buck! Achieve a Character Award with any of your characters (including Special Awards) and you'll gain three member points per award. You can gain these more than once (with the points to match) if you achieve them with multiple characters but not more than once with a single character.
Create a Newcomer Starter1 Point + 4 Points
Be the first member on Aeipathy to start a thread for/with a newly accepted character. This character must be a member's first character and the thread must be the first one that they responded to. If the thread is then completed with 10 posts or more attributed to it, you can claim a bonus four points to make a total of five for that one thread!
Participate in an Event2 Points per Event
Get your character into an Event and interacting with someone and you get two points! Two points per Event, no bonus if you have more than one of your creations in the same thread (sorry!) Points are awarded when the Event is closed so you have until its completion to get your character in there! Please note that this applies solely to the Event starter thread; not to break away threads in the Event boards. Your character does not need to be currently in the main Event thread in order to achieve the points; just to have posted in there at some point. Claiming Points Done something that warrants you points added to your account? Points are awarded by our staff team as and when they are earned. Most of these additions are made automatically when the staff member who closes down an event or achievement. Please be aware however that this is a manually-operated system. Your points will be added alongside your awards. Salaries are added at the start of every month. Points for participating in Events are added when the Event has been closed and starter thread points are monitored by the Newcomer's mentors. There should, therefore, never be a need to 'claim' points.

We are, however, all human and if, after three working days you believe there to be an error in your points total, or your points totals do not match across your character accounts please message our staff team. If you can, please include the correct total of points you believe you should have and any evidence you might have to support this. We'll be more than happy to look into the error and compare the information to our points database.
Spending Points The first way you can spend your hard earned Member Points is by kitting out your profile with custom Profile Badges. We also have several big-ticket perks that members can claim with their member points:
Custom Dialogue Colour -150 Points
All of our dialogue is auto-bolded for your ease of coding! But did you want your characters to have a particular font colour for their spoken language? You can upgrade a character account to have its own custom colour automatically! Not to mention it will back track! So, if you ever change your mind about the colour, you can and all of your previous threads and posts will automatically update! Neat huh?
Custom Dialogue Colour - Update -40 Points
Bored of your current dialogue colour? If you've already bought this perk for a particular character, you don't have to save up again to 150 to change their dialogue - you can update for just 40 points and the colour will backtrack across your posts.

To claim your custom benefit(s), use the code below and send it to our staff team! We'll be happy set up your new perks asap!
[u]Spending Points - Perk Claim[/u]
[b]Name of Perk:[/b] Self-explanatory.
[b]Cost of Perk (as stated in the Encyclopaedia):[/b] Self-explanatory.
[b]Your Current Points Total:[/b] Self-explanatory.
[b]Your Character Accounts:[/b] Please @tag all your characters, here.
Points System
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