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Want to reminisce or read up on old information? You can find anything that has been removed from canon story telling or old site updates and announcements or OOC information here. Please note that we do not archive any IC threads and you'll find all the history of our characters up on the boards.

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Here's where all the posts and threads from the OOC sections of the site go. This does not include official announcements or updates. For those, see the above above.

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OOC Content 1st November
Reply By The Staff Team
Nov 1, 2021 19:47:58 GMT

We never archive any of our writing unless it's being removed as "never happened". For those, now AU, writing threads, check out this board.

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Non-Canon RP Archive And suddenly I see you
Reply By Deleted
May 10, 2022 0:17:07 GMT
Aeipathy's layout was skinned exclusively by JD for Aeipathy. Our writing home has been open since June 2018. All original content © to the original staff team. Lore additions made by the community are © to Aeipathy itself. All character content © to the members. Any similarities to people or settings, fictional or real, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Please no stealing of our skin or our world. Come join us instead! Thank you to all who help make Aeipathy great!