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Our Compendium is a comprehensive search of Aeipathy's characters: accepteds and wanteds alike. This resource helps newcomers to search which open canons or wanted ads best suit their own writing interests. To that end, all of our wanted characters must be submitted to the staff team so that they can be added to the Compendium and Choose a Wanted search pages. Create a Wanted Ad To create an ad for a wanted character, make sure to follow the below rules, then complete the following code and submit it to our staff team via the paper airplane icon below.
One Character RuleAny member wanting to create a wanted ad must already have at least one character of their own on accepted on site.
20 Post RuleTo ensure that all wanted characters are submitted by active players who will help newcomers develop their claim, members can only submit a wanted ad when their own character(s) have 20 posts between them.
Complete the FormComplete and submit the form below if the above rules have been met.

[div][attr="class","submission"]Wanted Character Application
[u]Full Name[/u] Self-explanatory.
[u]Age[/u] Self-explanatory.
[u]Biological Sex[/u] (not gender)
[u]Occupation[/u] Self-explanatory.
[u]Nationality[/u] Based on where they were born, not where they live.
[u]Province of Birth[/u] Self-explanatory.
[u]Religion[/u] Self-explanatory.
[u]Marital Status[/u] Self-explanatory.
[u]Face Claim[/u] Please check our Face Claim list (https://aeipathyrp.com/board/529) to ensure that this face is not already chosen for another played, canon or wanted character. If you have any confusion over this, please message a staff member regarding your choices.
[u]Character Blurb[/u] This must be over 300 words in length and cover the character's basic history, familial connections, personality, hobbies etc. and any plot potential they hold. We place a word minimum on this ad to ensure that all wanted characters have been carefully considered and developed into an attractive roleplaying option for other members.[/div]
On-Site Acceptance Our Compendium is maintained manually and additions to it must be carried out by a member of staff. After you submit a wanted ad request, please give our staff team three working days to process and confirm whether the character ad is being accepted or if additions / changes need to be made. Once your wanted ad has been confirmed as accepted, please allow our staff team a further three days to covert your application into a full character card on our Compendium and create its own entry in the Choose a Wanted page of our Encyclopaedia. Create a New House Adding an entire House (Dynasteia, Hei, Sippe etc...) is a much larger addition to Aeipathy lore and is considered a 'Contribution'. See our World Contribution page for information on how to create whole Houses, Factions or any other addition to Aeipathy's global lore.
Create a Wanted
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