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Naós of Athena

The Athenian capital's most impressive structure, barring the royal palace, and its oldest by several generations, the Naos of Athena is the grandest temple in the Athenian kingdom, paying homage to their patron goddess. In classic ancient Grecian style, the temple is a large square, comprised around its edges of towering columns. A triangular display above its front gates offers the story of the creation of Athena, from the head of the great Zeus. Inside, the building is a single open space, embodying the goddesses' belief in honesty, justice and the lack of deception or hidden secrets. Along the left and right hand walls are marble statues, the height of a man, and representative of each God of Olympus, paying tribute to them as Athena's counterparts, while the likeness of the Goddess of Wisdom herself stands twice as tall and in bronze at the far end. Ledges run the entire circumference of the temple, open to gifts and tributes to any and all Gods, while the far back wall, either side of the Athena statue, offers two such shelves - one at waist height and the other at shoulder, in order to support the additional gifts given to the Goddess' who claims possession of such a grand structure.

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