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Outer Circle
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The homes of those who live in the Outer City range in size and smoothness of construction but nearly all of them are crafted from stone and square in shape. A few have second storeys, though most are on a single level and some of those in the poorest areas have constructed wooden extensions to bridge the gaps between each building, attempting to make the properties slightly larger to accommodate a growing population. These wooden constructs are also diverse in the quality of workmanship and are sometimes used as additional storage or rooms to the homes they are built onto the side of or are homes in their own right; two foot by four foot spaces in which the poorest souls live, away from the havoc or rain of the outside world...

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Specific Sub-Locations
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The Agorá
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Aug 29, 2022 2:52:35 GMT
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Naós of Themis
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Public Loutrá
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Guard Barracks
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