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House Ethics
Strength is not limited to a single gender. Bravery is worthy in any person. Fear is a sign of personal weakness.
Head of House
Family Tree
Ithra of Drakos
m. Neena of Drakos
— @thesus
m. ♖ @tythra
— @imeeya
— @essa
— Derass of Drakos
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Barony: @imeeya
Population: 3,400
Military Unit: The Rock Giants
Main Export: Gold and Iron Ore
Sub Exports: Stone, timber, iron.
One of the largest provinces, population-wise, Dolomesa is perched right on the top of the mountains. In her belly, lies the source of her growth - a network of mines filled with the gold and silver Colchis is so famous for. The people of Dolomesa are hardworking, regardless of gender, age and capability. They all pull their worth in the day-to-day duties in order to fulfil their responsibilities to the Colchian crown. Dolomesa has various cart-way tracks that run throughout the whole town, serving the mines deep below. The peak of the town provides the best view of the whole of Colchis. Other Provinces
Barony Open
Barony Open
Barony Open
Dynasteía of Drakos
"Dauntless Courage"
Dynasteía of Drakos
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