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The Outer Lands

The Outer Lands, as they are known, are the less managed and abandoned areas of borderlands shared between Athenia and their neighbours to the north and west and into mainland Europe. These areas lie beyond the borders of the official Athenian provinces and are often home to travellers or the homeless - or to the skirmish battles between Athenia and the testing forces of Europe.

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The northern areas beyond the border of Athenia are rough and dry. Awkward for arable farming and used more for battlefield skirmishes with the Roman provinces to the north, this area is uninhabited by Athenians besides a few distant and hermit-like settlements amongst the dry brush.

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Northern Border

The plains west of Athenia are wet and marshy, offering defence against any attempted invasion but also good farmland for the wetter goods some of Athenia's merchants trade in; like rice and reed.

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Western Border
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