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Where shipmen and sailors from all of the kingdom long to stay. The Athenian harbour is one of the grandest and most secure in the Grecian kingdom. This is due to most of Athenia's trade and money coming from the commercial ships that visit the realm and the sea-hauls that are brought into the city by boat.

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Northern Harbour Tempest
Reply By Thea of Thanasi
Aug 30, 2021 11:40:30 GMT

Athenia's capital city of the same name stands on the precipice of an impressive cliff face, overlooking the crescent ship harbour below. Post here if your topic does not belong to any of the following locations.

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Athenian Crescent Belly of the Beast
Reply By Aea of Molossia
Dec 29, 2021 2:15:38 GMT

The land of Ire (as the territories of Athenia are collectively known) is a large piece of the mainland, that stretches out as three distinct fingers into the Aegean sea, creating the two main harbours of Athenia, plus the southern most coast. In land, Athenia stretches out into Europe, encapsulating its royal provincial lands.

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The Provinces I Can Show You the World
Reply By Athanasia of Kotas
Jun 12, 2022 8:05:25 GMT

The Outer Lands, as they are known, are the less managed and abandoned areas of borderlands shared between Athenia and their neighbours to the north and west and into mainland Europe. These areas lie beyond the borders of the official Athenian provinces and are often home to travellers or the homeless - or to the skirmish battles between Athenia and the testing forces of Europe.

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The Outer Lands
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