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Kingdom: Athenia
Pronunciation: Ah-Th-En-Ee-Uh.
Sacred Symbol: The Owl

Monarch: Minas of Xanthos
Heir Apparent: Alehandros of Antonis
Heir Successive: Elias of Stravos

Religion(s): Polygrecian
Patron God(s): Hera, Athena, Poseidon

Athenia holds the largest land mass and therefore the largest populace in all of Hellas. These lands are generally good in climate and free of natural disaster. There are no volcanic areas in Athenia and limited mountainous regions. The land is generally split between open meadows or tended fields and the forests of the northern provinces. Athenians are great lovers of their land and of industry, with strict policies and legalities on how the land is used and replenished. As such, Athenians are often tied up in the red tape of procedure and protocol and have one of the busiest senates in the realm.

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