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One of the largest provinces, population-wise, Dolomesa is perched right on the top of the mountains. In her belly, lies the source of her growth - a network of mines filled with the gold and silver Colchis is so famous for. The people of Dolomesa are hardworking, regardless of gender, age and capability. They all pull their worth in the day-to-day duties in order to fulfil their responsibilities to the Colchian crown. Dolomesa has various cart-way tracks that run throughout the whole town, serving the mines deep below. The peak of the town provides the best view of the whole of Colchis.

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The Drakos manor in Dolomesa was made from stones that were taken out of the Drakos family mines. Therefore, a notable feature of the house is the quartz veins that run through the sandstone walls of the house. The house is built up on the side of one of the numerous mountains of Dolomesa, allowing for a great view of the surrounding lands, as well as the nearby town and harbor. While the manor is now decorated with fine decor expected of the richest family in Colchis, the bones of the manor still tell the story of a family’s fortune built from the hard mining work and luck of the gold found in the area.

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