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A province that has been literally carved into the mountain, Eubocris is often known as the Gorge. Literally a valley that has been made from the forces of nature, Eubocris has no carriages or chariots to speak of, and the people of Eubocris travel solely by horseback - purely because the roads it has are not wide enough to safely let a vehicle pass through. Eubocris is separated by the clear spring water of the Alfron River, which can be traversed by a handmade footbridge.

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The Manor of Eubocris, currently owned by the Valaoritis family, sits atop the site of an old quarry deep within the province’s mountains. Overlooking the main settlement of the city, this property may be smaller than those in other provinces, but the scenic view it provides cannot be rivaled by any other in Colchis. It is also one of the most strategically located as both its higher elevation and long, winding path makes an unannounced approach a near impossible feat. As the manor’s remote location makes it difficult for the family to host events within the household, the interior is more homely than most, showing that this building is a home first and center of political power second.

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