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Isles of Kos

The largest isles within the Kirakles group and home to the Colchian capital, Midas. The Isles of Kos contain several Kotas, Thanasi and Eliades provinces and included the main isle of the settlements and the southern most landmass of Colchis. If your thread does not fall specifically within these, or is in the nearby waters of this Isle, post your thread here.

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A seaside district on the edges of Colchis, Almosis is famous for its beautiful views of the sun setting into the Grecian sea, silhouetting the kingdom's protective Hydra's Teeth. What had started as a small fishing town, slowly became a centre for quick daily jaunts from Midas for a brief reprieve from the busy city. The quaint district holds a peaceful atmosphere and at night the lanterns bring to live open-air markets selling Almosis delicacies and handicrafts made for sale as souvenirs and gifts.

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The most populous area after Dolomesa and Magnemea, Arcanaes functions as a major production hub for Colchis. The province houses the most skilled goldsmiths whose workmanship is so fine, their products are prized throughout the land. As the most expensive province within the kingdom, Arcanaes is barricaded by the Kirakles mountains, making it highly difficult to access even after landing at the Midas docks.

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Few cities reflect Colchis's history and wealth as well as the main settlements of Chaossis. Known as one of the most elegant places in Colchis, Chaossis has beautiful architecture and scenic alleys, stone-paved squares and ruins of an old Colchian castle made for a long-dead baroness atop a hill. One of Chaossis's top events of the year is Chalceia, where people from far and wide in Colchis will attend the celebration on the last day of Pyanopsion to honour Hephaestus as a deity of handicraft. The people of Chaossis are the largest producers of weaponry and swordcraft, along with jewellery and accessories woven from metal. The smell of smelting can always be sensed in the streets and the alleys are always hot with the heat of crafting fires during their long working hours.

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A province that has been literally carved into the mountain, Eubocris is often known as the Gorge. Literally a valley that has been made from the forces of nature, Eubocris has no carriages or chariots to speak of, and the people of Eubocris travel solely by horseback - purely because the roads it has are not wide enough to safely let a vehicle pass through. Eubocris is separated by the clear spring water of the Alfron River, which can be traversed by a handmade footbridge.

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Whitewashed buildings creep up the hillside of Illytia, with narrow pathways that lead you to the top. Once there though, your reward will be a stunning view that reaches almost to Taengea on a good day, if you squint. The people of Illytia are all hardy and tough from all the uphill walkways of their province, and function as a midway point for anyone moving their exports or imports to or from portside towns.

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Illytia When the Fates intervene
Reply By Aea of Molossia
Jan 2, 2022 18:21:53 GMT

Built and developed as a service port for the kingdom's exports and imports, Oreboea faces the sea on three sides, with several waterfronts and a scenic lagoon that is connected to the sea by a narrow inlet. The people of Oreboea will often use the lagoon (named Voulismeni) to cool off on a hot summer day.

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As the neighbouring province to Arcanaes, Pieria is a small an unassuming little province and would've been unnoticed had they not house a sacred shrine - the Temple of Hephaestus. Carved into the mountains itself. Almost 100m above the ground, the Temple consists of three main caves and various other smaller ones. The largest of all is referred to as the Theseion Cave, with high ceilings and the figure of Hephaestus carved into the face of the mountain. The other two caverns depict the story of Hephaestus and how he came to be the Colchian patron god of metalworking, craftsmanship and fire.

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