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Archontikó Leventi

The Leventi estate lies on the very outside edge of the Vasiliadon city walls. With acres of land out behind it, the estate offers two manors that are often in almost constant use. While other royal families live most of their lives in their own provinces and use their capitol manors as a means of habitation when business calls them to the city, Leventi operate their business from within the capitol's walls and keep their interests close at hand...

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The main manor of the Leventi estate, is large, grand and imposing. With enough rooms to support and inhabit the entire Leventi clan, the building is, instead, used solely for the residence of the Head of House and his immediate family. With a large set of stables out back and the lands opening directly up into the Leventi property, the manor is constructive of white marble and offers four major columns on its front facing side, with impeccable gardens out front and a stable and paddocked area to its side.

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The Leventi Manor What Could Go Wrong?
Reply By Xanthippe of Vasiliádon
Jan 15, 2021 19:15:12 GMT

Known simply as the 'Old Estate' due to its previous life as the main House for the Leventi family, the secondary Leventi manor is smaller in overall size and "prettier" over "impressive". It offers a large courtyard with flowering plants and shrubs and is built on a straight line with one main corridor down its centre splitting off into subsidiary rooms and stairs to the higher floors. It operates on two levels, while the main Leventi manor supports three.

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The Old Estate Enough is Enough
Reply By Olympia of Mikaelidas
Jan 19, 2021 22:18:28 GMT
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