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Archontikó Leventi
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The Leventi estate lies on the very outside edge of the Vasiliadon city walls. With acres of land out behind it, the estate offers two manors that are often in almost constant use. While other royal families live most of their lives in their own provinces and use their capitol manors as a means of habitation when business calls them to the city, Leventi operate their business from within the capitol's walls and keep their interests close at hand...

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General Archontikó Leventi Threads
Started By: Fotios of Leventi
Latest Post: Imma of Leventi
Jun 15, 2022 18:51:27 GMT
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A Hope Among Many 
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The Leventi Manor
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The Old Estate
Last Reply By Olympia of Leventi

Jul 10, 2022 19:38:46 GMT
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