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With wide rolling plains, it is no surprise that the House of Leventi would be great at producing top-notch equines. With fresh luscious grasslands and small houses dotting the landscape, Acharist is peaceful and tranquil, with disturbances few and far between. Many have said that Acharist is quite a rejuvenating province, especially when one just stares at the landscape dotted with horses and humans both at peace together.

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There are certain expectations to visiting a Leventi home and the estate in Acharist does not disappoint. The manor house invites comfort and exudes a sophisticated elegance that is surprising for a country estate. Open and airy, the manor features a spacious interior courtyard with a small botanical garden and an extravagant display of waterworks and fountains. Encircling the house, it seems like a never ending vista of lush rolling pastures dotted with the famed Leventi horses and the occasional apple tree. The pastures are separated by a narrow country lane leading to the nearby idyllic village of Acharist.

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