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A small cosy town that runs on a laid-back tempo, Euttica has nothing to boast of that would be mind-blowing, yet something about Euttica's small, easy-going attitude would put even the toughest warrior at ease. With a large populace of people able to be called on should a battle ever need to be fought, Euttica is thought of as the Gentle Giant of Mikaelidas provinces.

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Nestled amongst olive groves and orchards that produce much of the export of Euttica, Kalospiti Kydos has long been a home of the Mikaelidas family, and currently plays host to the current Baron of Euttica. Smooth honey hued stone forms the walls of the manor, which wraps around a central courtyard filled with the sound of a burbling fountain and the ever present cicadas, and sweet with the scent of jasmine and laconium thyme. Not imposing in its gentle grandeur, Kalospiti Kydos instead sets the tone for the town and province it presides over, tranquil and welcoming.

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Kalospíti Kydos Shiny and New
Reply By Krysto of Euttica
Jan 17, 2021 13:34:50 GMT
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