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Considered one of the most beautiful towns in Taengea, Meganea is built on a sheer cliff, and provides a breathtaking view of the kingdom - if you manage to scale its sides, that is. The hike up is not easy, and definitely not for the untrained, but the view is worthwhile.

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The Dimitrou Archontikó is a large, sprawling manor and one of the oldest in Taengea that is still standing. Ensconced in the forest, surrounded by ancient trees, the house itself is guarded by white limestone walls. Home to what used to be the royal family generations ago, the manor is large and in the old style of low ceilings and a maze of rooms. The goddess Artemis's image is featured in the front courtyard and in the surrounding woodlands, a few of her altars can be found and worshipped at.

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Archontikó Dimitrou Hello....mother dearest?
Reply By Dorothea of Dimitrou
Oct 24, 2020 16:32:31 GMT
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