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The lower class homes of Egypt were often built of that which was most accessible and easy to come by in order to fix repairs or continue building at later dates: mud. The mudbrick the homes were built from were often built via heavy wooden poles being drilled into the ground, woven reeds forming the walls between said poles and then a mixed of thick mud and straw was applied over the reeds to make the walls solid. Homes could be built in conical shapes or in square blocks (the domed top ones normally in the poorest areas as they were easier to make but provided less standing space. Home were never more than a single storey high and often had separate rooms for adults and children, as well as a living space between the two. The preparing of food would be done inside the home and the cooking of it outside over an open flame. Egyptians were skills potters and were more likely to hold all their goods within ceramic vases than they were boxes or crates. Wood was a rarer commodity than clay. There was often little need for fabrics or luxuries used for warmth but the stitching of mosquito netting was very required and most beds - even in the lower classes - would be covered with one.

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