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Named such for its beautiful, sparkling buildings - constructed from granite and painted purest white - Ammun is a city of travellers and traders. On the eastern border of the kingdom and with strong connections to Asia and the Middle East, Ammun is home to some of the richest merchants and families and widely recognised as the place to go when looking for a particularly exotic or hard to come by item. Landlocked as a province, there is no sea trade or fair so fish is seen as a rare delicacy in Ammun and the richer families have it imported in from Moab. However the hot weather further east means that citrus fruits grow aplenty around the city and dried, sweet treats are popularly sold on street corners along with roasted nuts. The people of Ammun are skill hagglers and know the value of anything and everything. They enjoy money and are careful to make sure the profits they gain in trade are high enough to make them pleased but not so high that they feel they are swindling others and going against the honest and modest Judean way of life.

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A Judean home is very similar regardless of whose you enter; upper or lower class. The Judean people are about practicalities and so have a standard shape of home - a large entertaining room that often sports a stepped seating area where the family dines around a low table. and a section (usually at a cornered L-shape from the living quarter) dedicated to cooking with an open fire. A bedchamber is a separate room with a raised stone platform on which the mattresses and bedclothes are placed and the richer Judaen homes have rudimentary toilets that are a small addition off the back of the house and are relegated to a stone seat with a hole, build over guttering system that sends waste into nearby stream system and down the river.

Whether a family is rich or poor does not really affect the home in which they live other then to produce slightly smaller or larger sized rooms. The very rich will have separate sleeping chambers for their children but otherwise, offspring sleep in either the bedroom or the living quarters and the parents in the other. The only other difference between the houses of the upper and lower classes is the decoration. Rich Judean homes, instead of being made solely in granite or alabaster stone will be covered in pretty mosaics and designs in tile or glass, making colourful mandalas and designs on both the floors and ceilings. Some even paint their walls to be complimentary shades.

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A market that sprawls from passageways to corridors, merchants would set up shop on any square inch they could find within the market compounds in order to benefit from the number of traders and travelers coming into the city of Ammun. The stalls are tightly packed together, and street performers can occasionally be seen at certain corners, selling their talents in the hopes of money. The hot weather results in a musky, heavy scent hanging around the area that only begins to lift as the sun sets.

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Unlike the haphazard way that the markets are arranged, the shops usually sell more specialized products - items which are finely crafted and wrought from the artisan within. Their wares are usually displayed out front, while the back of the shop functions as a work area for the owner or the merchant themselves.

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Merchant Stores

A place where communion and discussions would happen, and where the people of the city would come to hear news from royal criers as well as speak assistance from their city leaders, the Public Hall is an enclosed space which would get stuffier in the hotter months, but remains a bustling center of activity where all would convene to get updates on anything that went on within their city or kingdom.

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Public Hall

Many would think the Grand Shuk similar to the marketplace - and they wouldn't be wrong, but for one marked difference. The Grand Shuk of Ammun also sold the highest quality gold accessories and jewelry, making it a top choice for those seeking to find baubles, especially for weddings and gifts. The highest quality spices and honey are also sold here - the Grand Shuk only sells quality goods, and merchants here are much harder to haggle with.

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The Grand Shuk

The border that guarded Ammun from the rest of the kingdom, the city walls are guarded by watchful guards who ensure the citizens within the walls are not threatened. Built tall and imposing, the gate is large, but can be closed within minutes should danger approach, so long as the command is given. The gates themselves are carved and embellished with decorative features that represent both the ruler and the victories of the city over the years, and there are various shafts built within from where hot oil would be poured out of - but in peaceful years, the shafts have been used more for other purposes, as they provide a great hiding space.

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The City Walls

The main temple of Ammun is a strong, imposing stone structure with a small, eight-sided column positioned right in the middle as the central place for worship. In the front of the Sanctuary is a Festival Courtyard where festivals of worships are held by the priests of the temple. The temple can be accessed through two gateways - one in the front, and the other at the back, but they all lead to the same central column in the middle of the temple, where images of various gods are carved in to it.

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Ammun Sanctuary
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