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Damascus is on the bordered edge of Assyria and the hottest of the Judean city provinces. Settled in the natural curve of a mountainous region, the western face of the city looks out across miles of flat savannah between the walls of Damascus and the borders of Israel. Such open space is known as the land of judgement - there is nowhere to hide from your sins or yourself. Many in Damascus are uncertain of foreigners - even Judeans from other cities - and are a private people who live recluse lives, interrupted only by the regular camel trains that arrive with goods on their trade journey once every two weeks. The people of Damascus, while private, are not ignorant, and they spend great portions of their lives reading and engrossed in scholarly pursuit. There is a large library and university in Damascus that many travel far to visit, with tomes in as many languages as there are tongues to speak them (so they say).

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A Judean home is very similar regardless of whose you enter; upper or lower class. The Judean people are about practicalities and so have a standard shape of home - a large entertaining room that often sports a stepped seating area where the family dines around a low table. and a section (usually at a cornered L-shape from the living quarter) dedicated to cooking with an open fire. A bedchamber is a separate room with a raised stone platform on which the mattresses and bedclothes are placed and the richer Judaen homes have rudimentary toilets that are a small addition off the back of the house and are relegated to a stone seat with a hole, build over guttering system that sends waste into nearby stream system and down the river.

Whether a family is rich or poor does not really affect the home in which they live other then to produce slightly smaller or larger sized rooms. The very rich will have separate sleeping chambers for their children but otherwise, offspring sleep in either the bedroom or the living quarters and the parents in the other. The only other difference between the houses of the upper and lower classes is the decoration. Rich Judean homes, instead of being made solely in granite or alabaster stone will be covered in pretty mosaics and designs in tile or glass, making colourful mandalas and designs on both the floors and ceilings. Some even paint their walls to be complimentary shades.

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Residences Pass The Salt
Reply By Maeri of Amiti
Oct 16, 2020 1:27:59 GMT
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Unlike Ammun, the market of Damuscus is one that is sedate and peaceful. Especially due to the mistrusting nature of the people within this city, the stalls are also set up in such a way that repelled anyone who was not a familiar within the city, a circular pattern that only had one way in and one way out. They do not have the characteristic haggling of markets, but are of a more polite manner in which they discuss matters in regards to their sales.

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Market Its The Little Things
Reply By Maeri of Amiti
Dec 7, 2020 20:11:49 GMT

Unlike the haphazard way that the markets are arranged, the shops usually sell more specialized products - items which are finely crafted and wrought from the artisan within. Their wares are usually displayed out front, while the back of the shop functions as a work area for the owner or the merchant themselves.

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Merchant Stores One Short Day
Reply By Amenemhat of Alexandria
Jul 28, 2020 11:57:25 GMT

A place where communion and discussions would happen, and where the people of the city would come to hear news from royal criers as well as speak assistance froma their city leaders, the Public Hall is an enclosed space which would get stuffier in the hotter months, but remains a bustling center of activity where all would convene to get updates on anything that went on within their city or kingdom.

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Public Hall Promises Made
Reply By Amiti of Tzephaniah
Jan 5, 2021 16:45:35 GMT

The Damascus University is a large, sprawling building that may not have the height, but definitely had the size. As many as thirteen classrooms are built within its structure, each classroom with three rows of benches built in a step-up fashion so even those seated at the very back could see. The benches would line three sides of the wall in an oval shape, and the teacher would present their lesson from the middle of the classroom. Anyone who graduates from Damascus University is considered to be a scholar of great respect.

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Damascus University Through the Looking Glass
Reply By Amarissa of Rishona
Mar 20, 2020 13:27:42 GMT

Perhaps the only place that could be remotely cold in the humid, hot realm, the Sheleg Mountains has been known to snow in the coldest years - not that anyone could scale the mountains to touch it. But it was a nice sight amidst the red desert, to see the snow-capped mountains of Sheleg occasionally.

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Sheleg Mountains

The large, flat, lands of judgement, where anyone upon it would be an open target with nowhere to hide. To traverse across it would take days, and the lack of hiding spots means that there is no hiding from the heat of the sun itself. Many who choose to traverse the flatlands usually do so on the back of camels, and with much supplies on hand to survive the journey.

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The Flatlands Through the Eye of a Needle
Reply By Amiti of Tzephaniah
Jan 20, 2021 16:25:16 GMT
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