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Built on a small cape protruding in the Dead Sea, Moab is a city of two sections. The centre of the city is stone, built on the land and enclosed in a wall that sits on the very edge of the cape on all sides, with large open archways at regular points in its circumference. These points open onto wooden steps leading down to the rest of the city built in wood and across stilted platforms out into the Dead Sea. Beginning as docks to capitulate on the traders that moved between Judah, Israel and Ammun on the waters, the docklands spread and grew to include merchant huts for selling their own goods to the travellers. Then the homes of the merchants are constructed. Then another walkway for another dock to capitalise on still more trade. And so on it went until nearly three-quarters of the city of Moab is built upon the water - only the highest and richest born of families residing inside the stone walls of The Island.

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A Judean home is very similar regardless of whose you enter; upper or lower class. The Judean people are about practicalities and so have a standard shape of home - a large entertaining room that often sports a stepped seating area where the family dines around a low table. and a section (usually at a cornered L-shape from the living quarter) dedicated to cooking with an open fire. A bedchamber is a separate room with a raised stone platform on which the mattresses and bedclothes are placed and the richer Judaen homes have rudimentary toilets that are a small addition off the back of the house and are relegated to a stone seat with a hole, build over guttering system that sends waste into nearby stream system and down the river.

Whether a family is rich or poor does not really affect the home in which they live other then to produce slightly smaller or larger sized rooms. The very rich will have separate sleeping chambers for their children but otherwise, offspring sleep in either the bedroom or the living quarters and the parents in the other. The only other difference between the houses of the upper and lower classes is the decoration. Rich Judean homes, instead of being made solely in granite or alabaster stone will be covered in pretty mosaics and designs in tile or glass, making colourful mandalas and designs on both the floors and ceilings. Some even paint their walls to be complimentary shades.

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With the vibrant and excitable air around this water-built city, much of the market in Moab consists of trinkets and baubles to be sold to tourists, or even the exotic fruits and blooms that merchants would venture to pick from Mereth Isle before the sun even rises. A variety of products could be found within these vibrant vendors, along with the various amounts of food available, making for a great day out indeed.

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Unlike the haphazard way that the markets are arranged, the shops usually sell more specialized products - items which are finely crafted and wrought from the artisan within. Their wares are usually displayed out front, while the back of the shop functions as a work area for the owner or the merchant themselves.

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Merchant Stores

A place where communion and discussions would happen, and where the people of the city would come to hear news from royal criers as well as speak assistance from their city leaders, the Public Hall is an enclosed space which would get stuffier in the hotter months, but remains a bustling center of activity where all would convene to get updates on anything that went on within their city or kingdom.

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Public Hall

Right in the centre of Moab lies the Island itself, the island of stone where the heart of Moab lies, built on stone. From this point, one would be able to get to any part of the Safe Haven using the many wooden steps that lead to the rest of the city built on wood, and many use The Island as a meeting point for their friends or lovers before they start a day out.

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The Island

An area previously known as a harbor for Moab, the Docklands are now more of a residential area where homes for merchants have been constructed, rather then the harbor it once was. Now popular for its shopping and for the boatmen who charges people who wishes to take a trip to Mereth Isle, the Docklands buzz with activity and excitement alike, a well known tourist destination.

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The Docklands

A short boat ride from Moab lies the Mereth Isle, where flowers bloom in colors and types rarely seen upon the main island, and citrus fruits would flourish in good weather. The fishing is abundant, as the Isle is too small for anyone to reside upon it for long, and as such has resulted in the Moab administrators banning anyone from building or living upon the Mereth Isle. It is now more known as a place for people to take a day trip to, and many lovers are often known to seek out this spot for a quiet alcove or a day together before returning to Moab.

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Mereth Isle
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