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Intra-Empire Trade
Different provinces in Hattusa produce different tradeable goods. This might include natural resources such as felled timber or quarried stone. It may be man-made items such as cloth, bread or smelted metalwork. Below are overview tables showing which provinces are famed for which goods. You can read more about each province by clicking the name in the table (which will take you directly to the board in question).

For additional province information, you can check the Province Listings section of Hattusa's Land page.

For information on the tradeable goods of Hattusa in general and on a larger scale, see the Materials and Resources section of the Land page.

The tables below show the major exports of each Hattusa province. Other provinces are likely to purchase from their neighbours to correct their own deficits or merchants from one provinces may travel to sell their goods in an area they know does not export their own product. Hover over the icons for confirmation of what they refer to. Natural Resources
Man-Made Goods

For more information on the provinces themselves and their natural resources, see the Province Listings section in Hattusa's Land page.
Currency The Hittites trade solely in silver. As such, foreign currency in bronze and gold is of no use to them. The silver pieces of currency are in the form of 'pieces' (flat and thin ovals similar to coins), 'rings' (thick hoops of silver that can be worn on a grown male's thumb) and 'bars' (trapezoid bars of silver about ten inches long and three wide). The 'pieces' are called shekels. Rings and bars have no specific name besides their value in shekel pieces.

Colloquial NameComparative ValueUS Dollar Value
PiecesShekel1 Shekel$2
RingsRing25 Shekels$50
BarsBar2500 Shekels$5000
Occupations The occupations of Hattusa are as diverse as the people who fill them. There is simple employment in labour like ditch digging, quarrying and sandal-repair to more specialised trades of oil making, leatherwork, jewellery creation and silk-weaving. There are also political roles within the government, from the more subtle work of scribes and messengers to more action-orientated roles like sailing and soldiering. There are a thousand and one professions for a Hittite character to call their own.

See our Make an Original page for ideas on roles / occupations for your character. Under each type of character, you'll also find plot ideas for how that role might interact with other levels of society.

We also recommend checking our Writing Resources page for other occupation ideas and how to build your character further.
International Trade
TABLE showing each land and what is exported to and imported from them
HATTUSA - Gold and jewel work. Faience, glassware, sculpture, pottery. Iron Weaponry, bronze work, carpentry. Fabric, Ale, barley, craftworks, carpentry, silks, jewellery. Flour Grain, wheat, barley, bergamots, fowl meat. Oils: olive and nut. Fabrics, crafts, spices, nuts, olives, bergamots, fruits. Grain, wheat, barley, fruits, nuts, oil. Fish Shellfish, iron ore (via Hellas), bronze, trade tax. Linen Fabrics, baskets, footwear, leatherwork, clay. Clay Metalwork, fresh-water fish, game meat. Goldwork Fine goods, glassware, carvings and statuary. Medicinal herbs Nut oil, oranges, lemons. Candles Rope, oils: nut and olive, talismans. Currency Exchange INSERT FROMS LANDS OVERVIEW
TABLE showing each land’s currency equivalents – once all done
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