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Archontikó Marikas

While Marikas is the longest line of royalty in the Athenian kingdom, their home might not impress as much, other than its size and wealth it communicates. The Marikas line know well the importance of appearances and, as such, have renovated, rebuilt and redesigned their home in the capitol on several occasions. The manor house often looks brand new, with the latest fashions and designs pouring from every room. The interior decoration of the home clearly indicates that the Marikas family wish to impress upon others the power they hold now, as opposed to the history that gave it to them. The Marikas mansion is famous for its gardens. As the longest standing royal House, their home has been sitting on a large expanse of land, despite being within the capital's walls and the expensive, finely cultivated gardens only serve to impress this fact upon all who visit the flower and bloom heaven that awaits out of the back of the Marikas homestead.

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