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Inner Circle
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The Inner Circle is the rich central sphere of the city. In the center, is the royal palace, and around it are the homes of the wealthy and important members of Athenian society. This is likely to include, the other royal families (those who are not currently on the throne), the noble families, the families of the senators and courtiers, and anyone rich enough to own a property in the richest part of town.

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Specific Sub-Locations
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The Dikastírio
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Archontikó Antonis
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Archontikó Marikas
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Aug 14, 2022 5:45:43 GMT
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Archontikó Stravos
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Athenia Scholeío
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Jul 31, 2023 22:27:29 GMT
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Merchant Stores
Last Reply By Kalliope of Arcana

Aug 1, 2023 20:04:15 GMT
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