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By day, Megaris looks to be an innocent, quaint small town with tea houses and sweet waterfront houses. However by night, one would do well to stay away from the province. Sometimes known as the 'Sleepless Town', Megaris houses the largest number of brothels and 'flute girls' available within the Kingdom, and it is almost an unspoken rule that if one wanted a good bit of 'fun', Megaris is the place to go.

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An anomaly in a province that is infamously known as the seediest province in Colchis, the Fidi Chortari is situated on a cliff's edge, with a large garden around the back. Made with marble columns and a large statue of Dionysus on top of a grand fountain right in the middle of its private family courtyard. The manor house for the baron of Megaris has its marble columns covered in vines, and the entrance hall of the house is carved with many myths and legends of the God revered by the Thanasi household. Gilded with gold and built to ensure the sea breezes are utilized to cool the interior of the house, the exterior area's available to guests seem open and welcoming - but a very different story will meet the ones granted access to the inner sanctums of Fidi Chortari.

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Kalospíti Fidi Chortari
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