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Improving Aeipathy
Looking to help improve Aeipathy and its member experience? Thank you! We love feedback, support and any help our members provide with things like advertising and improving the Aeipathy experience. Below are the best ways that individual members of our site can help bolster member activity and site functions. Active Posting It sounds like an obvious one but it's worth mentioning. Aeipathy advertises itself as an active forum so if newcomers arrive to find threads fallen into inactivity our site and staffers look like we've been embellishing the truth. Help us maintain Aeipathy's appearance and reputation with new and existing members by keeping true to our Activity System. If you're having difficulty being active or need some creative muse, check our Plotting Plus+ page for all of our plot support features and games. Character Engagement If you're up-to-date with your story-telling, Taking part in our on-site OOC sections helps to improve the forum as a whole beyond the threads. The more engaged you are with your character and the characters of others, the more active and exciting Aeipathy becomes. You can improve your character development by:
Create a Development Page for your character(s).
Create a Journal for your character(s).
Start an Alternate Reality roleplay thread.
Take part in our bi-annual AU Event (bottom of page).
Take part in family-specific Plot Discussion chats.
Attempt a new IC Award.
On Discord
Encourage ideas in #muse-power.
Help others develop their characters in #character-help.
Engage in plot chatter in #plotting-chat.
Update the #teater-feed with your latest.
Partake in the current #ic-challlenge.
Community Engagement We have several places on Aeipathy where you can take part in challenges and games. Participation in these kinds of communal activities help us to sell Aeipathy as an inclusive social experience.
On Site
Play games in the Fun and Games board.
Attempt a new OOC Award.
On Discord
Check our Events for current OOC Events - and join them!
Partake in the #wellbeing-challenge.
Engage in the current #green-room discussion.
Join a club in our #club-house.
Give a shoutout in #youre-awesome.
Off-Site Promotion Social media is important to Aeipathy for two reasons. Firstly, it can bring new members to the fold, growing our community. Secondly, more traffic to our site helps us to fund the special features and premium products we use on Aeipathy. The more 'likes' and 'follows' we can acquire, the brighter Aeipathy's future looks! Follow us on as many of the below as you can to help us grow:

Pinterest Promotion Part of our social media group is Pinterest. You would be surprised how many visitors we have to our pins on a monthly basis! Following our account is one thing, but partaking in the creation of our Pinterest page helps even more! Build your own character's pinterest board, but also help others with currently out of play canons and family boards.

If you're 'pinning' with us a lot, you should also check out our Contributor award - you could be entitled to shiny prizes just for helping us grow our Pinterest page!
Advertising Aeipathy would be nothing without its members. And we get members by spreading our name and image across the roleplaying world. If you wish to help, check out our Affiliation and Ads page for the necessary ad codes and advertising rules. We even have an award for helping out with ad posting, just as an added bonus! Submitting Feedback Every month, we ask for feedback from our community! In order to streamline comments and suggestions, our feedback form is only open between 14th-21st of every month. An announcement will be made on both the site and Discord server when the form opens and closes. Partake in the feedback to help make Aeipathy the best it can be! Merchandising Aeipathy is working towards being merchandised! We already have our on-site store for aesthetic bonuses and trinkets for our profiles and accounts online but wouldn't it be great to have Aeipathy merch in real life?! If you're interested in helping this scheme come to fruition over the next few months contact our staff team.
Volunteering Wanting to take on a little more responsibility to support Aeipathy's upkeep? This can easily be done without the gravitas / duties of a full-blown staff member.
AssistantsOur assistants are sub-staffers, whose names are not advertised as staffers to our community but who help us in the every day running or special projects of the site. To apply to be an assistant, see our Staff Team page.
Event HostingWe are always looking for members eager to host OOC Events like movie viewings, game nights and other social activities. Not only are these hard for our staff team to organise on a regular basis but time zones also get in the way! If you'd be interested in hosting a one-off activity / event, simply complete the form below and submit it to our staff team!
[u]Event Host - Volunteer[/u]
[b]Your Name:[/b] Self-explanatory.
[b]Your Discord ID:[/b] Self-explanatory.
[b]Event Idea:[/b] Tell us about your idea. What would you call your event? What would you do in it? How frequently would you have online meetings (if any)? How would it function as time went on?
[b]Support Needed:[/b] What kind of support would you need from the staff? Do you require special channels for voice chats or streaming? Will you want announcements made about meet ups and such?

Create a ClubWanting a more regular duty? The #club-house on our Discord server is always looking for new, actively-run groups to offer our community. Do you have a particular passion you could turn into a communal activity? Like a running group or a book club? Complete the code below and submit it to our staff team to have your club added to the club house!
[u]Club Creation - Volunteer[/u]
[b]Your Name:[/b] Self-explanatory.
[b]Your Discord ID:[/b] Self-explanatory.
[b]Club Idea:[/b] Tell us about your idea. What would you call your club? What would you do in it? How frequently would you have online meetings (if any)? How would it function as time went on?
[b]Support Needed:[/b] What kind of support would you need from the staff? Do you require special channels for voice chats or streaming? Will you want announcements made about meet ups and such?
Mentoring Our mentors have one of the most important jobs on the site - helping to guide newcomers through our lore, application process and into the roleplaying itself. If you're interested in becoming a mentor, see our Mentor System page. Staffing If you want to take on more responsibility, tasks and the pressure of a little authority, you can also apply to become a staff member. All information regarding our staff team and how to apply can be found in our Staff Team page. Become a Producer
A Producer is a member of our community who has gone above the call of duty when expanding our world and lore content. To become a producer, you must have completed the required criteria and two of the three package options below.
Required Criteria
» Have posted 100+ roleplay posts on Aeipathy's IC boards (not including AU).
» Have posted 30+ OOC posts on Aeipathy's OOC boards (including AU roleplay).
» Be a Level 2 Patron or higher on our Patreon page OR a monthly $5 tipper on our Ko-Fi account.
Package Option #1
» Be a collaborator on all appropriate Pinterest boards.
» Have pinned 500+ pins across those boards.
Package Option #2
» Be a sharer on all of Aeipathy's Spotify playlists.
» Have added 200+ songs across those playlists.
Package Option #3
» Submit 60+ Nuggets to Aeipathy's lore on-site.
» Successfully submit 1+ Contribution to Aeipathy's lore on-site.

Complete the group marked 'Required Criteria' above and two of the three package 'options' and you'll receive our Producer reward pack! This includes:
» The 'Producer' profile badge added across your accounts.
» The 'Producer' role on our Discord server. This role has a custom emoji attached, whenever our Discord server is boosted to Level 2.
» A one-time reward bonus of 300 member points when achieved.
» An on-going 'salary' bonus of 15 member points per month from then onwards. This salary is accumulative with any other salary achieved.
Funding Help Whilst Aeipathy is a hobby site and entirely free for its members, it actually costs money to run. From premium bots on Discord to specialist hosting and map creation on-site, Aeipathy puts us out of pocket most of the time. If you're looking to help improve Aeipathy (and the wallet of it's owner, JD!) you can show your thanks in financial support on Patreon. As we support transparency on Aeipathy, you can find all our costs and funding information on the Funding Aeipathy page, so you know exactly what your money is going towards.
Improving Aeipathy
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