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The northern areas of the Nile have the river thinner with faster flowing water that rushed down and on to the Mediterranean. The fishing is better here as the water and its wildlife are constantly being disturbed but to fish in these areas would require a net rather than a pole for the creatures swim by fast in the current. Sailing is bumpier and docking your vessel most important during the rare rain of Egypt.

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Northern Nile

The Nile to the south of the country is much wider with calmer waters. Fishing is able to be completed here with a sharp tick used like a spear by an individual wading in the waters. The banks of the Nile are often encouraged into the fields, irrigating the crops that grow there. This is also the area of the Nine favoured by animals such as hippos and rhinos - where they are able to take time at the water's edge to drink and cool themselves.

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Southern Nile

Egypt consider themselves to be the greatest power in the known world. And they have good reason to. With more land and provinces than any other kingdom, not to mention the number of people who reside in those provinces, Egypt have a massive force at their command. The difficulty is the terrain, supplies and the range of mastery required to control such a broad area and diversity of people. Egypt may seem powerful, but the intricacies of each province are open to opportunity and corruption at every turn...

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The Provinces

The mines in the very east of Egypt - on the opposite side of the Red Sea are the furthest point that the kingdom reaches to in that direction but is also highly significant and important to the mason requirements of the kingdom's major cities.

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Eastern Mines
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